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    Skyrmions under strain

    Skyrmions constitute textures of magnetic spins with chiral helicity. Skyrmion manipulation manifests one of the hottest topic to date in magnetic nanoscale research, bearing great potential also for storage device applications. We contributed to this field of novel research in exploring the formation of such skyrmion-lattices (Skl) in various materials down to the 1-nm length scale using scanning probe methods such as magnetic force microscopy (MFM). Not only was it possible to map Néel- and Bloch-type skyrmions in real space, but equally to use MFM in order to annihilate and generate a single such skyrmion in these materials. The goal of this project here is to add mechanical strain as the forth external parameter (beyond temperature, magnetic field, electrical field) to skyrmion research in order to (de-) stabilize the Skl in thin film skyrmion samples through tensile and compressive strain at room temperature. Subtle strain control thus will affect the Skl propagation velocity, and hence leave its signature for both the electrical and magnetic read-out.

    Your work will be supervised by the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) at TU Dresden and the Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (CPfS) in Dresden, Germany. Worldwide contacts to the cracks working in this field of skyrmionix are established. You will profit from these collaborations through both sample exchange and visits abroad.

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