Electrochemical catalysis and asymmetric synthesis on the surface of topological crystals


Many exotic properties observed in topological materials are closely tied to the band inversion and linear dispersion, including ultra-high mobility and conductivity, giant magnetoresistance, and non-trivial surface states. Of particularly interest is the stable metallic surface states that are protected by time-reversal symmetry. These topological crystals provide an ideal platform for understanding the reactions happening at the interfaces such as heterogeneous catalysis, lithium-ion battery, and so on. Recently, it has been demonstrated that the non-trivial surface states could deliver or accept electrons from the surface adsorbates and speeding the catalysis reactions [1,2]. This provides an additional route for the design of functional materials for energy conversion, storage and chiral separation [3,4].

We are seeking a highly qualified and motivated PhD candidate in material science , surface science, physical chemistry, and an interest in electrochemistry. In this project, you will work in MPI CPfS Dresden, aiming at revealing the relations between surface reactions and topological properties. Part of your time will be spent on understanding their magnetic and electrical transport properties that are resulted from the topology order. Electrochemical catalysis reactions will be carried out on our electrochemical workstation, or together with partners from TU Dresden.


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