Chiral and non-linear photo-induced electronic transport in Weyl semi-metals

The intriguing properties of Weyl semi-metals stem from their particular linear band structure. Weyl semi-metals constitute a novel topological phase of matter, in which fermions arise as pseudo-magnetic monopoles in momentum space. Interestingly, Weyl fermions possess chiral nature and thus can be excited/manipulated by chiral optical beams. This PhD work thus aims at quantifying such chirality in Heusler-based Weyl semi-metals. We thus are looking for a PhD candidate at the interface of physics and materials science, that is highly motivated to prepare, experimentally investigate, and analyze such Weyl systems. Both bulk and thin-film samples will be prepared, and then analyzed for their chiral transport and photo-response over a broad wavelength range from visible to IR radiation. These investigations will pave the way to controlling Weyl fermions and their associated quantum anomalies by optical and electrical means.

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