Electronic correlations in chiral materials

The recently introduced topological quantum chemistry (TQC) framework has provided a description of universal topological properties of all possible band insulators in all space groups based on crystalline unitary symmetries and time reversal [1,2]. However it is still an open question to which extent this formalism can be generalized to correlated systems that can exhibit symmetry protected topological phases. In particular the recently discovered topological chiral semimetals have open a new field by themselves. Chiral crystals (which possess a handedness due to a lack of mirror and inversion symmetries) are expected to display numerous exotic physical phenomena, including fermionic excitations with large topological charge, long Fermi arc surface states, unusual magnetotransport and lattice dynamics, as well as a quantized response to circularly polarized light [3]. In this project we will study chiral semimetals in the presence of correlations with the aim to observe a superconducting chiral fermi arc and study its stability. We will use the topological quantum chemistry database [4] to identify promising candidates, and using density-functional calculations that will mainly be performed with the code FPLO (full-potential local-orbital scheme, https://www.fplo.de/), with proper extensions to account for correlation effects and characterise their electronic and topological signatures.


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