Scanning tunnelling and magnetic spectroscopy of unconventional superconductors and exotic magnets

The development of new techniques such as phase resolved Fourier transform spectroscopy, combined with the ability to work at extremely low temperatures, is enabling new classes of research on unconventional superconductivity. In the cuprate high temperature superconductors, the subtle interplay between different kinds of order can be studied [1], while the superconducting gap structures of materials with low transition temperatures can also be determined [2,3]. Experiments of this kind have the promise of answering key questions about the mechanisms of unconventional superconductivity that cannot be addressed with other techniques. The energy resolution is far superior to that of most other spectroscopies, filled and empty states can be accessed, and the work can be performed in high magnetic fields. Other kinds of spatially resolved spectroscopy are also foreseeable. It will be possible to conceive entirely new spatially resolved probes of exotic magnets by building on novel noise spectroscopy techniques reported in [4].
These projects will combine work in Dresden with experiments in Prof. Davis’s groups in Oxford, UK and Cork, Ireland, with the majority of the time likely to be spent outside Germany, so a sense of adventure and willingness to travel are prerequisites for successful candidates.


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