Application - quick facts

Complete applications must be sent to . Please do not send your application to individual PIs.

The next major call for applications likely will be published in late 2017. But we are also happy to discuss applications which we recieve throughout the year.

If you have more specific questions about the application process, e.g. regarding eligibility or the required documents, please visit the FAQ page. There, we answer several questions which we have received from previous applicants.


If the FAQ page doesn't answer all of your questions, please .


We are looking for highly motivated PhD students who have a record of excellence in their previous studies. Most of our incoming students will have Masters or MPhys degrees as part of their entry qualification. Applications from candidates with excellent Bachelor degrees will also be considered for some projects involving St Andrews supervisors. If you join IMPRS-CPQM holding a Bachelor degree, you will do extra graduate courses to take you to the equivalent Masters level.

If you are interested in the projects offered by IMPRS-CPQM and would like to join us to work in a stimulating research environment, you are welcome to apply for admission into our research school. Candidates from any country can apply for admission to IMPRS-CPQM. Gender balance is an important issue for us, and we particularly welcome applications from female candidates.

We annually publish an open call for applications which we advertise through multiple channels toward the end of each calendar year. However, we are aware that applicants' circumstances differ from country to country and also on an individual level. So we are also happy to discuss applications received throughout the year.

Application procedure

Your application to IMPRS-CPQM should include:

  • a cover letter describing your motivation for applying to IMPRS-CPQM and a statement discussing the projects you are most interested in (please specify up to three projects, possibly including your priorities)
  • a CV with complete description of your academic career
  • a transcript of courses taken and grades obtained
  • if possible a statement of where you were ranked in your graduating class or in any national or international competitions or exams
  • the names and full contact details of at least two referees
Detailed instructions for preparing your application
Before you submit your application to IMPRS-CPQM, there are a few things we would like you to keep in mind:

  • Please include all of your documents in one single email. If you send multiple emails with different documents, some of them might get lost.
  • The total size of your email must not exceed 20 MB. Once again, please do not send multiple emails. Rather reduce the size of your files.
  • Use standard filetypes (preferably pdf) for the attached documents.
  • Please use meaningful filenames for the attached documents, e.g. "MSc_Transcript.pdf" instead of "Image_0001.pdf".
  • Do not upload documents to any filehosting online platform, e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Please make sure that your referees know that we might ask them for reference letters. We will contact them if we would like to hear about their assessment of you. So please do not ask them to send us their letters right away.

We also address some more specific aspects of the application process on the FAQ page.

Please send your application by e-mail to .

Selection procedure

Written applications will be considered by the supervisors of the projects applied for, and by a team selected from PIs at the participating institutions. Short-listed candidates will be invited for interview, either by Skype, in person or both, depending on circumstances.

Most of the IMPRS places will be allocated in a workshop in Dresden which we organise after each annual call for applications, i.e. typically at the beginning of the following year. If we receive applications of prospective IMPRS students at a time which makes a participation in the next workshop inconvenient, we will find other ways to give the applicants an opportunity to present themselves.

Once the selection procedure is completed, we intend to give feedback to the applicants as quickly as possible.

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