Application guidelines

Please use our online form to apply for a position at IMPRS-CPQM. You can find the form HERE. In addition to the information requested in the form, we also ask you to upload the following documents:

  • a cover letter describing your motivation for applying to IMPRS-CPQM and a statement discussing the projects you are most interested in (if you have priorities regarding the selected projects, please discuss them in the cover letter),
  • a CV with complete description of your academic career,
  • a transcript of courses taken and grades obtained,
  • if you would like to submit further documents in support of your applications, you can do so via our online form as well.

Please make sure to have these documents ready as separate pdf files when you start the online application procedure as you cannot save the data entered into the online form. The page with the application form also includes further instructions for your consideration.

Detailed instructions for preparing your application

Before you submit your application to IMPRS-CPQM, there are a few things we would like you to keep in mind:

  • Please only upload pdf documents. The total size of all uploaded documents must not exceed 20 MB.
  • Please use meaningful filenames for the attached documents, e.g. "MSc_Transcript.pdf" instead of "Image_0001.pdf". Further, please avoid using punctuation marks in your filenames (apart from the ".pdf", obviously).
  • Please make sure that your referees know that we might ask them for reference letters, but do not ask them to send us their letters right away. We will contact them if we would like to hear about their assessment of you.

We also address some more specific aspects of the application process on the FAQ page.

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