Publications of our IMPRS students

Here, you can find an overview of all publications in which our students were involved as part of their PhD work at IMPRS-CPQM.

However, even the best and brightest students need some time before they have results of their research published. So, if you can't find a paper for one of our students, but would like to know more about the kind of research they are doing, please look up the web pages for their respective research groups or the publication list of the MPI-CPfS.

Binod K. Rai, Jacintha Banda, Macy Stavinoha, R. Borth, D.-J. Jang, Katherine A. Benavides, D. A. Sokolov, Julia Y. Chan, M. Nicklas, Manuel Brando, C-L Huang, and E. Morosan, "CeIr3Ge7: A local moment antiferromagnetic metal with extremely low ordering temperature," Physical Review B 98 (19), 1-7 (2018).
J. Banda, B. K. Rai, H. Rosner, E. Morosan, C. Geibel, and M. Brando, "Crystalline electric field of Ce in trigonal symmetry: CeIr3Ge7 as a model case," Physical Review B 98 (19), 1-8 (2018).
A. F. Gubkin, L. S. Wu, S. E. Nikitin, A. V. Suslov, A. Podlesnyak, O. Prokhnenko, K. Prokes, F. Yokaichiya, L. Keller, and N. V. Baranov, "Field-induced magnetic phase transitions and metastable states in Tb3Ni," Physical Review B 97 (13), 1-14 (2018).
Julia-Maria Hübner, Matej Bobnar, Lev Akselrud, Yurii Prots, Yuri Grin, and Ulrich Schwarz, "Lutetium Trigermanide LuGe3: High-Pressure Synthesis, Superconductivity, and Chemical Bonding," Inorganic Chemistry 57 (16), 10295-10302 (2018).
S. E. Nikitin, L. S. Wu, A. S. Sefat, K. A. Shaykhutdinov, Z. Lu, S. Meng, E. Pomjakushina V, K. Conder, G. Ehlers, M. D. Lumsden, A. Kolesnikov I, S. Barilo, S. A. Guretskii, D. S. Inosov, and A. Podlesnyak, "Decoupled spin dynamics in the rare-earth orthoferrite YbFeO3: Evolution of magnetic excitations through the spin-reorientation transition," Physical Review B 98 (6), 1-13 (2018).
N. S. Pavlovskii, A. A. Dubrovskii, S. E. Nikitin, S. V. Semenov, K. Yu. Terent'ev, and K. A. Shaikhutdinov, "Magnetostriction of Hexagonal HoMnO3 and YMnO3 Single Crystals," Physics of the Solid State 60 (3), 520-526 (2018).
V. M. M. Pereira, M. S. C. Henriques, and J. A. Paixao, "Robust weak anti-localisation effect in strongly textured nanocrystalline Bi2Se3 samples," Physica B-Condensed Matter 536, 51-55 (2018).
R. O. Kuzian, R. Klingeler, W. E. A. Lorenz, N. Wizent, S. Nishimoto, U. Nitzsche, H. Rosner, D. Milosavljevic, L. Hozoi, R. Yadav, J. Richter, A. Hauser, J. Geck, R. Hayn, V. Yushankhai, L. Siurakshina, C. Monney, T. Schmitt, J. Thar, G. Roth, T. Ito, H. Yamaguchi, M. Matsuda, S. Johnston, J. Málek, and S-L Drechsler, "Comment on 'Oxygen vacancy-induced magnetic moment in edge-sharing CuO2 chains of Li2CuO2'," New Journal of Physics 20, 1-6 (2018).
Alfred Amon, Iryna Zelenina, Paul Simon, Matej Bobnar, Marcel Naumann, Eteri Svanidze, Frank Arnold, Horst Borrmann, Ulrich Burkhardt, Walter Schnelle, Elena Hassinger, Andreas Leithe-Jasper, and Yuri Grin, "Tracking aluminium impurities in single crystals of the heavy-fermion superconductor UBe13," Scientific Reports 8 (1), 10654 (2018).
Jiagui Feng, Deepnarayan Biswas, Akhil Rajan, Matthew D. Watson, Federico Mazzola, Oliver J. Clark, Kaycee Underwood, Igor Marković, Martin McLaren, Andrew Hunter, David M. Burn, Liam B. Duffy, Sourabh Barua, Geetha Balakrishnan, François Bertran, Patrick Le Fèvre, Timur K. Kim, Gerrit van der Laan, Thorsten Hesjedal, Peter Wahl, and Phil D. C. King, "Electronic Structure and Enhanced Charge-Density Wave Order of Monolayer VSe2," Nano Lett. 18 (7), 4493-4499 (2018).
S. E. Nikitin, P. Y. Portnichenko, A. V. Dukhnenko, N. Yu. Shitsevalova, V. B. Filipov, Y. Qiu, J. A. Rodriguez-Rivera, J. Ollivier, and D. S. Inosov, "Doping-induced redistribution of magnetic spectral weight in the substituted hexaborides Ce1-xLaxB6 and Ce1-xNdxB6," Physical Review B 97 (7), 1-9 (2018).
A. S. Sukhanov, Sanjay Singh, L. Caron, Th Hansen, A. Hoser, V. Kumar, H. Borrmann, A. Fitch, P. Devi, K. Manna, C. Felser, and D. S. Inosov, "Gradual pressure-induced change in the magnetic structure of the noncollinear antiferromagnet Mn3Ge," Physical Review B 97 (21), 1-7 (2018).
J. M. Hübner, M. Bobnar, Y. Prots, and U. Schwarz, "High-Pressure Synthesis of the New Binary Superconductor Lutetium trigermanide LuGe3," Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, Supplement 38, 11-11 (2018).
O. J. Clark, M. J. Neat, K. Okawa, L. Bawden, I. Marković, F. Mazzola, J. Feng, V. Sunko, J. M. Riley, W. Meevasana, J. Fujii, I. Vobornik, T. K. Kim, M. Hoesch, T. Sasagawa, P. Wahl, M. S. Bahramy, and P. D. C. King, "Fermiology and Superconductivity of Topological Surface States in PdTe2," Physical Review Letters 120 (15), 1-7 (2018).
M. S. Bahramy, O. J. Clark, B.-J. Yang, J. Feng, L. Bawden, J. M. Riley, I. Marković, F. Mazzola, V. Sunko, D. Biswas, S. P. Cooil, M. Jorge, J. W. Wells, M. Leandersson, T. Balasubramanian, J. Fujii, I. Vobornik, J. E. Rault, T. K. Kim, M. Hoesch, K. Okawa, M. Asakawa, T. Sasagawa, T. Eknapakul, W. Meevasana, and P. D. C. King, "Ubiquitous formation of bulk Dirac cones and topological surface states from a single orbital manifold in transition-metal dichalcogenides," Nature Materials 17 (1), 21-27 (2018).
Alexander Steppke, Lishan Zhao, Mark E. Barber, Thomas Scaffidi, Fabian Jerzembeck, Helge Rosner, Alexandra S. Gibbs, Yoshiteru Maeno, Steven H. Simon, Andrew P. Mackenzie, and Clifford W. Hicks, "Strong peak in Tc of Sr2RuO4 under uniaxial pressure," Science 355 (6321), 1-8 (2017).
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