Publications of Laura Agnarelli

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Agnarelli, L.; Prots, Y.; Burkhardt, U.; Schmidt, M.; Koželj, P.; Leithe-Jasper, A.; Grin, Y.: Mg3Pt2: Anionic Chains in a Eu3Ga2-Type Structure. Inorganic Chemistry 60, pp. 13681 - 13690 (2021)
Journal Article
Agnarelli, L.; Fioco, D.; Dell'Amico, D. B.; Labella, L.; Marchetti, F.; Samaritani, S.: Facile nucleophilic substitution of coordinated acetonitrile in trans-[PtCl4(NCMe)(PPh3)]. Inorganica Chimica Acta 516, 120163, pp. 1 - 9 (2021)
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