PhD training

The research projects of our students lie at the core of their activities in IMPRS-CPQM. You can find a list of projects which are currently available for prospective students here.

In addition to performing their own scientific work, students in IMPRS-CPQM benefit from a wide selection of opportunities for academic and non-academic training. We offer courses, seminars and workshops in which our students can not only expand their knowledge in themes directly related to their research topic, but rather receive comprehensive scientific training in the research fields pursued in our program. Our students can complement their academic training by attending our courses on soft skills which will be valuable in their scientifc career.

Every student has access to an individually tailored program of graduate courses. more
Our training opportunities cover a wide range of topics from presentation skills to career advice. more
Throughout the year, we organize a variety of events to further the education of our students. more
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