Our research activities

At the core of IMPRS-CPQM is the research that we carry out, to which our PhD students make a major contribution. Thanks to the scale of our facilities we cover a broad range of topics in modern physics and chemistry research into quantum materials. As it befits an interdisciplinary IMPRS like ours, we do not only cross boundaries between physics and chemistry in a large number of research topics, but rather choose a dedicated collaborative approach between research groups from different disciplines. Research fields covered by IMPRS-CPQM include, but not are not restricted to: 

Research groups: Hicks, Mackenzie, Nicklas, King

Research groups: Hicks, Mackenzie, Molenkamp, Meng, Svanidze, Zhang
Research groups: Grin, Hassinger, Doert, Svanidze
 Research groups: Grin, Felser, Ruck, Schwarz
Research groups: Felser, Grigera, King, Wahl, Ruck, Davis, Vojta, Timm, Isaeva, Sun, Molenkamp, Meng, Shekhar, Rellinghaus, Gayles
 Research groups: Inosov, Stockert
 Research groups: Antonyshyn, Grin, Strasser
Research groups: Baenitz, Sichelschmidt, Klauß
Research groups: Brando, Geibel, Khim, Grigera, Mackenzie, Klauß, Hassinger, Davis, Vojta, Meng, Wosnitza
Research groups: Lee, Klauß
Research groups: Wahl, Davis, Wirth
Research groups: Braunecker, Hooley, Lovett, Rosner, Vojta, Oka, Keeling, Wagner, van den Brink, Meng, Sun, Gayles
Research groups: Leo, Samuel
Research groups: Timm, Vojta, B. Schmidt, Meng
Research groups: Grin, Ruck, Kaskel, M. Schmidt, Gather, Samuel, Höfling
Research groups: Grin, Ruck, Doert, Rellinghaus, Wolf

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