Events at IMPRS-CPQM

At IMPRS-CPQM, we offer a large variety of events in order to complement the scientific activities of our students. Below, you see all ongoing and future events. For a more complete overview of all activities, please visit our Event Archive.

IMPRS Core Course: Structure Chemistry

The course on structure chemistry covers fundamental aspects of solid-state chemistry and is one of the core courses in our interdisciplinary IMPRS. [more]

Comprehensive Course on Topology and Magnetism

Over the next few weeks, Claudia Felser and group leaders from her department will offer a comprehensive course on Topology and Magnetism. The course is mostly targeted at PhD students and postdocs, but everyone interested in topological phenomena is welcome to attend the lectures. All lectures are digitally recorded and made available online to participants as a video stream throughout the whole semester. [more]
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