Dr. Markus König

Extra information

Coordinator IMPRS CPQM

How to set up new landing pages:

  • page title: LP_lastname
  • name: firstname lastname
  • go to Fields --> Local ID, and select PI
  • Research activities: add "Teaser with image" for every theme --> teaser target = Research activity page (remove subtitle, if no research themes)
  • create new tag list, settings: PI tag, show 10 entries, title "Available PhD projects" (or state "Currently no PhD projects available")

Research activities

Topological materials
Research groups: Felser, King, Wahl, Ruck, Davis, Vojta, Molenkamp, Meng, Shekhar, Rellinghaus, Cook, Vool, Wang, Vergniory, Nicklas, Menges, Rahn, Y. Zhang, Ge, Pohl more

Currently no PhD projects available.

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