Great news to end an unusual year

Extension of IMPRS-CPQM approved

January 04, 2021

The pandemic situation certainly made 2020 a highly unusual year, which obviously also affected our IMPRS: interviews which were supposed to happen on-site in Dresden had to be postponed or instead held by video-conference. The admission of our new students coming in from all over the world was made much more challenging. And the evaluation of our program, which took place in July, had to happen as a virtual event with the members of our program and our referees spread out over multiple countries and time zones.

Nonetheless, we now received the official confirmation that the evaluation was successful and the referees found many very positive aspects in our program. Our proposal to extend IMPRS-CPQM has thus been approved and we are extremely happy to be able to continue the program (at least) through the end of the year 2027.

We thank everybody involved in the evaluation of our program. The first ones to mention are obviously the referees who wrote a very positive report on our program and at the same time provided valuable feedback regarding ideas for future adjustments. Further, most of our students and PIs participated in the evaluation - be it by giving talks, attending sessions with the referees, or demonstrating their commitment to our program in other ways - and made it a successful event despite the unusual circumstances. And lastly, the evaluation in this unusual format would not have been possible without the guidance by the members of the Max Planck Central Administration.

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