Congratulations to Elina Zhakina!

January 03, 2022

Defending a PhD thesis successfully probably is not the only way to get oneself into a festive and celebratory mood before the holidays. But it certainly helps to get such a big accomplishment done to indeed have a happy start into a new year. And so we congratulate Elina Zhakina on her successful viva in December. Elina's work in the department of Andy Mackenzie resulted in her thesis on "Investigation of transport regimes in restricted geometries of ultra-pure natural heterostructures".

Besides her research activities, Elina also was a PhD representative in the academic year 2018/19. We thank Elina for her service to the PhD community at the institute.

Elina will continue her scientific career at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, now as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Dr. Claire Donnelly.

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