Thanks for a great recruitment process

April 18, 2023

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who submitted their application for a position in our program in response to our open call at the end of last year. Overall, we received about 250 applications from all over the world, which made the selection process highly competitive. As the finla stage of an extensive selection process, more than twenty candidates were invited for full interviews. And it was a particular pleasure to welcome most of them to Dresden and meet them in person, after we had to resort to online interviews for the previous two years due to global circumstances. 

In our selection workshop in February, the candidates had an opportunity to present their own research and discuss possible research projects with their potential PhD supervisors in our program. Our visitors also met with several of our PhD students, e.g. at the weekly “Cake Meeting” of our students or at a joint dinner at a restaurant in the lively Neustadt of Dresden, to find out about work and life in Dresden. 

We are very excited that most of the candidates, who received an offer from us, have decided to join us for their PhD. We are looking forward to them arriving here in Dresden over the next months and working with them over the next few years.



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