Congratulations to Rebeca Ibarra, Ekta Singh and Laura Agnarelli

Three successful defenses within a few weeks

November 03, 2023

Over the last few weeks, three of our IMPRS students have successfully defended their doctoral theses. 

At the end of September, Rebeca Ibarra presented her thesis “"Study of Magnetic and Magnetotransport properties of epitaxial MnPtGa and Mn2Rh1−xIrxSn Heusler Thin Films”. Rebeca conducted her experimental work under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Claudia Felser, Prof. Dr. Dmytro Inosov and Dr. Anastasios Markou

In early October, Ekta Singh defended her thesis on Tuning domain wall conductivity in bulk LiNbO3 by uniaxial stress”. Ekta‘s thesis is based on a collaborative project between the groups of Prof. Dr. Lukas Eng at TU Dresden and the group of Dr. Clifford Hicks at the MPI CPfS.

Later in October, Laura Agnarelli completed her part to a doctoral degree and took the final step by defending her thesis. Laura worked on a project on „Structural Chemistry of Intermetallic Compounds of Beryllium and Magnesium with Late Transition Metals“ under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Leithe-Jasper and Prof. Juri Grin

All three students were awarded the distinction “magna cum laude” for their work and their thesis. We congratulate Rebeca, Ekta and Laura on their achievements and wish them all the best for their next steps in their careers, be it as a postdoc or outside academia. We are looking forward to meeting them again in the future.

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