Apply for a PhD position in IMPRS-CPQM!

Open call for applications: Join IMPRS-CPQM in 2022.

We are looking for highly motivated PhD students who have a record of excellence in their previous studies. Most of our incoming students will have Masters or MPhys degrees as part of their entry qualification. Applications from candidates with excellent Bachelor degrees will also be considered for some projects involving St Andrews supervisors. If you join IMPRS-CPQM holding a Bachelor degree, you will do extra graduate courses to take you to the equivalent Masters level.

If you are interested in the projects offered by IMPRS-CPQM and would like to join us to work in a stimulating research environment, we invite you to apply for admission into our research school. Candidates from any country can apply for admission to IMPRS-CPQM. Gender balance is an important issue for us, and we particularly encourage female candidates to apply.

If you would like us to consider your application in our current recruitment cycle, please submit your application by 30 November 2021. Students selected in the current cycle are expected to start theitr PhD project in IMPRS-CPQM no later than September 2022.

We are aware that applicants' circumstances differ from country to country and also on an individual level, so that the timeline mentioned above may not fit your personal preferences. If you'd prefer to apply or start at a later time, we are also happy to discuss applications received throughout the year.

You can find a more detailed description of the individual steps of our application procedure here:

Here we provide detailed information on how you should prepare and submit your application for a position in IMPRS-CPQM. more
We offer a large list of PhD research projects which cover a variety of scientific topics pursued in our program. more
These are the next steps once we have received your application. more


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