Prof. Andy Mackenzie
Prof. Andy Mackenzie


The Speaker represents IMPRS-CPQM in its external interactions, and has overall responsibility for its operation. He is a member of, and is appointed by, the Board of Directors of the MPI-CPfS.

Dr. Markus König
Dr. Markus König
Phone: +49 351 4646-3215
Coordinator IMPRS-CPQM

The Coordinator assists the Speaker and Executive Board with a number of major tasks, for example handling the day-to-day business of IMPRS-CPQM and organizing events offered by the IMPRS.

Executive Board

The Executive Board advises and supports the Speaker, and decides by consensus about conceptual changes to IMPRS-CPQM.

Advisory Working Group on Admissions

The main task of the Working Group is to ensure rapid decisions regarding the candidature of students, which requires strong interaction with the universities participating in IMPRS-CPQM.
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