Interviews for IMPRS-CPQM have started

February 01, 2017

After it took us several weeks to screen all applications for PhD positions in IMPRS-CPQM, discuss them with potential supervisors and hold preliminary phone interviews with several candidates, we have now reached the next stage of our selection process: we recently invited about 25 prospective students, who we rank at the very top of all applicants, to visit us in Dresden for extended interviews. And we are happy to say that most of them have accepted our invitation. Fifteen prospective students will attend our main selection workshop on February 15 - 16, while the remaining ones will - for various reasons - come to Dresden on other dates. We are excited to meet all of them in person soon.

Again, we would like to thank all our applicants for their interest in joining IMPRS-CPQM. Thanks to a very strong pool of applications, our decision to identify the very best candidates was a very difficult one to make. While our decision may be unfortunate for those candidates who - sometimes by a rather narrow margin - did not make the cut to get invited to visit us in Dresden, we wish all of them the very best for their scientific career.

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