Joint IMPRS workshop brings more than 60 PhD students to Dresden

April 11, 2017

Last week, more than 80 scientists attended the Joint IMPRS Workshop on Condensed Matter, Quantum Technology and Quantum Materials which was held at the Max Planck Insitute for Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden. Most of the participants were PhD students who are affiliated with one of the involved International Max Planck Research Schools - IMPRS-CMS, IMPRS-CPQM, IMPRS-MPSSE and IMPRS-QST. In addition, the workshop attracted more senior scientists from these four programs and also external participants from all over the world.

Thanks to the broad scope of the workshop, the workshop participants were able to learn about a diverse set of topics, ranging from fundamental theoretical concepts in quantum information theory to experimental studies of novel quantum materials. In particular during the poster sessions gave everyone a platform to present their research which resulted in lively discussions among all participants.

As the MPI PKS is located directly next to MPI CPfS, we offered tours of several of our laboratories and a large number of participants took the opportunity to get a close look at our facilities.

One of the labs in the department for Physics of Quantum Materials

Lab for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy in the department for Physics of Correlated Matter

Lab for Molecular Beam Epitaxy and in-situ spectroscopy at the department for Physics of Correlated Matter

Lab of the Max Planck Research Group for Physics of Microstructured Quantum Matter

In the main hall for low-temperature experiments

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