New students at IMPRS-CPQM

April 20, 2017

Our recent effort into recruiting new students for IMPRS-CPQM was a full success. We were not only able to attract a large group of very promising prospective students, but also most of the students who were offered a position in IMPRS-CPQM decided to join our program. Since our selection interviews earlier this year, the first of the new students have already started their PhD project at our institute: Peter Swekis is working in the department for Solid State Chemistry, Julia Hübner joined the department for Chemical Metals Science, and Elina Zhakina will pursue her PhD project in the department for Physics of Quantum Materials.

Over the next few weeks and months, several more students who have been admitted to IMPRS-CPQM will move to Dresden and start their research projects. We will add a short profile for every student to our Members page shortly after they have started their project.

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