Prof. Gil Lonzarich visits MPI CPfS

April 09, 2018

From April 11 - 25, Prof. Gil Lonzarich from the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge will visit the MPI CPfS in Dresden. Prof. Lonzarich is a world-renowned solid-state physicist and has made many important contributions to the field, in particular in the areas of magnetism, superconductivity, quantum criticality and correlated electron systems, over the course of his very successful career.

As a special treat to the PhD students at the MPI CPfS and in IMPRS-CPQM, Gil Lonzarich has kindly agreed to give a graduate course on superconductivity which he usually offers at Cambridge. The course will comprise daily lectures and extensive discussions of the presented topics. Overall, the course should be packed with Gil Lonzarich's fantastic physical insight. The course is open to all PhD students in IMPRS-CPQM and should be particularly interesting to students working in the field of superconductivity.

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