More than 500 applications

February 08, 2019

In response to our latest open call for applications, more than 500 students applied for a position in IMPRS-CPQM - thank you very much to everyone who is interested in joining our program! This is the largest number of applications in the (admittedly short) history of our program. And once again, these applications have reached us from all over the world. Receiving such a large number of applications made it very challenging for us to identify the most promising candidates.

After a extensive evaluation process, we now have invited 18 students to visit us in Dresden and participate in our selection workshop. We look forward to meeting excellent young scientist from 13 countries. During their visits, they will have the opportunity to meet their potential supervisors and possible future colleagues. In addition, we will also show them not only our research facilities, but also some of the highlights of Dresden.

While our decision may be unfortunate for those candidates to whom we could not extend an invitation to visit us in Dresden, we wish all of them the very best for their scientific career.

If you have applied for a position in IMPRS-CPQM recently and not received any feedback regarding the status of your application, please contact us .

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