Publications of L. H. Tjeng

Journal Article (301)

Journal Article
Ghijsen, J.; Tjeng, L. H.; Vanelp, J.; Eskes, H.; Westerink, J.; Sawatzky, G. A.; Czyzyk, M. T.: Electronic structure of Cu2O and CuO. Physical Review B 38 (16), pp. 11322 - 11330 (1988)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Weinen, J.; Koethe, T. C.; Agrestini, S.; Kasinathan, D.; Strigari, F.; Haupricht, T.; Liao, Y. F.; Tsuei, K.-D.; Tjeng, L. H.: Optimizing polarization dependent hard X-ray photoemission experiments for solids. In: Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES), pp. 263 - 275 (Ed. Woicik, J. C.). Springer, Cham (2016)
Book Chapter
Allen, J. W.; Claessen, R.; Anderson, R. O.; Ellis, W. P.; Janowitz, C.; Olson, C. G.; Park, J. H.; Tjeng, L. H.; Chen, C. T.; Metcalf, P. et al.; Harrison, H. R.; de Andrade, M. C.; Early, E. A.; Harm, S.; Jardim, R. F.; Kalning, M.; Liu, L.-Z.; Manzke, R.; Maple, M. B.; Oh, S.-J.; Skibowski, M.: Electron Spectroscopy and Hubbard: Issues and Opportunities. In: NATO ASI Series: The Hubbard Model. Its Physics and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 343, pp. 357 - 372 (Ed. Baeriswyl, D.) (1995)

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
Chen, C. T.; Idzerda, Y. U.; Kao, C.-C.; Tjeng, L. H.; Lin, H.-J.; Meigs, G.: Magnetic Structure of Multilayers from Soft-X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism. In: MRS Proceedings, Vol. 375, pp. 59 - 70. Symposium on Applications of Synchrotron Radiation Techniques to Materials Science II, at the 1994 MRS Fall Meeting. Materials Research Society (1994)
Conference Paper
Tjeng, L. H.; Rudolf, P.; Meigs, G.; Sette, F.; Chen, C. T.; Idzerda, Y. U.: Magnetic circular dichroism studies with soft x-rays. In: Production and analysis of polarized X rays, pp. 160 - 167 (Ed. Siddons, D. P.). SPIE, Bellingham (1991)
Conference Paper
Tjeng, L. H.; Eskes, H.; Sawatzky, G.: Spectroscopic and Theoretical Estimates of Parameters in Model Hamiltonians Describing the High and Low Energy Scale Physics of Doped CU02 Planes. In: Strong Correlation and Superconductivity Proceedings of the IBM Japan International Symposium, Mt. Fuji, Japan, 21–25 May, 1989, pp. 33 - 44. Proceedings of the IBM Japan International Symposium, Mt. Fuji, Japan, 21–25 May, 1989, MT FUJI, JAPAN, May 21, 1989 - May 25, 1989. (1989)
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