Research activities

Strain and pressure tuning of quantum materials
Research groups: Hicks, Mackenzie, Nicklas, King, Gati, Rahn, Goodge, Noad more
Topological materials
Research groups: Felser, King, Wahl, Ruck, Davis, Vojta, Molenkamp, Meng, Shekhar, Rellinghaus, Cook, Vool, Wang, Vergniory, Nicklas, Menges, Rahn, Y. Zhang, Ge, Pohl more
Quantum criticality
Research groups: Brando, Geibel, Khim, Mackenzie, Klauß, Hassinger, Davis, Vojta, Meng, Wosnitza, Gibbs, Nicklas, Noad more

Available PhD projects

Probing giant elastic coupling in exotic magnets and superconductors

Supervisors: Dr. Hilary Noad, Dr. Elena Gati, Prof. Dr. Andrew Mackenzie, Prof. Dr. Phil King more

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