Publications of Y. Tokiwa

Journal Article (21)

Journal Article
Custers, J.; Gegenwart, P.; Wilhelm, H.; Neumaier, K.; Tokiwa, Y.; Trovarelli, O.; Geibel, C.; Steglich, F.; Pépin, C.; Coleman, P.: The break-up of heavy electrons at a quantum critical point. Nature 424 (6948), pp. 524 - 527 (2003)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Tokiwa, Y.; Geibel, C.; Steglich, F.; Gegenwart, P.: Magnetization study on the field-induced quantum critical point in YbRh2Si2. International Conference on Magnetism, Karlsruhe, Germany, July 26, 2009 - July 31, 2009. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 200, 012205, pp. 1 - 4 (2010)
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