Publications of M. Rotter

Journal Article (21)

Journal Article
Doerr, M.; Haase, A.; Loewenhaupt, M.; Rotter, M.; Bartkowiak, M.; Daou, R.; Kampert, E.; Perenboom, J. A. A. J.; Tsutaoka, T.: Competition of two-ion and single-ion anisotropy in rare-earth systems: Large anisotropy example of Tb5Ge3. Physical Review B 82 (2), 024422, pp. 024422-1 - 024422-7 (2010)

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
Rotter, M.; Le, M. D.; Lewtas, H.; Boothroyd, A. T.; Blanco, J. A.; Hammerling, R.: Calculation of Atomic Charge- Moment- and Current densities using McPhase, a versatile modelling suite for Magnetic Neutron Scattering. 5th Meeting of the Spanish Neutron Scattering Association, Gijon, Spain, June 28, 2010 - June 30, 2010. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 325 (1), 012005, pp. 012005-1 - 012005-8 (2011)
Conference Paper
Daou, R.; Haase, A.; Doerr, M.; Rotter, M.; Weickert, F.; Nicklas, M.; Steglich, F.: Magnetoelastic quantum oscillations in GdSb to 55 T. International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES 2010), Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, June 27, 2010 - July 02, 2010. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 273 (1), 012111, pp. 012111-1 - 012111-4 (2011)
Conference Paper
Drechsler, S.-L.; Roth, F.; Grobosch, M.; Schuster, R.; Koepernik, K.; Rosner, H.; Behr, G.; Rotter, M.; Johrendt, D.; Büchner, B. et al.; Knupfer, M.: Insight into the physics of Fe-pnictides from optical and T = 0 penetration depth data. 9th International Conference on Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity, Tokyo, Japan, September 07, 2009 - September 12, 2009. Physica C 470 (Supplement 1), pp. S332 - S333 (2010)
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