Publications of M. Baenitz

Book Chapter (8)

Book Chapter
Baenitz, M.; Lüders, K.: Superconductivity in Fullerene Compounds. In: Festkörperprobleme, pp. 471 - 483 (Ed. Kramer, B.). Vieweg, Braunschweig (1998)
Book Chapter
Lüders, K.; Hoffmann, W.; Baenitz, M.: NUCLEAR RESONANCE AND SUSCEPTIBILITY INVESTIGATIONS OF HG-BASED HIGH-Tc SUPERCONDUCTORS. In: High-Temperature Superconductors and Novel Inorganic Materials, pp. 177 - 182 (Ed. Tendeloo, G. V.). Kluwer, Dordrecht (1998)
Book Chapter
Otabe, E. S.; Matsushita, T.; Baenitz, M.; Ecker, C.; Lüders, K.; Antipov, E. V.: Irreversibility Field in Hg-1223 Grain Aligned Powders. In: Advances in Superconductivity X, pp. 541 - 544 (Ed. Osamura, K.). Springer, Tokyo (1998)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Sakamoto, N.; Akune, T.; Baenitz, M.; Lüders, K.: Flux Creep and Pinning Potential in Superconducting Fullerene Rb3C60. In: Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, pp. 563 - 566. Institute of Physics, Bristol (1998)
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