Catalysis on topological surface and asymmetric catalysis in chiral materials

Topological catalysis

Topological materials with non-trivial electronic structure exhibit many interesting properties, such as a metallic surface without resistance, spin-momentum locking states of electrons involving anti-backscattering and Anderson localization, and Fermi arcs that resist disturbance by surface modification, defects, and changes in chemical potential. These topological crystals provide an ideal platform for understanding the heterogenous catalytic reactions at the surface. Our research topics focus on exploring the relationship between topological electronic structure and various catalytic reactions such as oxygen reduction reaction, oxygen evolution reaction, hydrogen evolution reaction, CO2 reduction reaction, and so on. (1, 2)

Asymmetric catalysis

Chiral crystals with inherently chiral structure and superb topological electronic properties ensure a large density of states (DOS) of the topological surface electrons at the Fermi level, providing an abundant conduction electron bath for surface reactions. Our research topics include enantioselective recognition, enantioselective synthesis, chiral-induced spin selectivity (CISS) on the chiral metal surface as well as understanding the interactions of magnetic field or spin polarized light with the inherent chiral surface.(3, 4)

We are seeking a highly qualified and motivated PhD candidate in (organic/inorganic) chemistry, electrochemistry, photocatalysis or related fields. In this project, you will work at the catalysis group in MPI CPfS Dresden, focusing on topological catalysis and chiral catalysis.



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