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Location: MPI-CPfS, Dresden

Time and Stress Management during my PhD

An efficient stress and time management is the key to manage all the tasks and projects of your scientific, business, and private life. This course will help you to reach your individual goals by learning how to budget your time wisely and effectively. [more]

IMPRS workshop

The workshop will cover scientific topics relevant to the research activities in IMPRS-CPQM. Talks will be given by experts in these research fields. Workshop has been cancelled! [more]

Gender 101

Why are there so few women in natural sciences? Why do more women leave academic science in their career? And how can we change it? [more]
By looking at their daily work environment, it is easy for PhD students to get an idea of how a successful academic career might look and which steps will be necessary. But matters get much more complicated if students would like to pursue a career outside academia after their PhD. This workshop will help participants to prepare for their career and identify suitable jobs. [more]

The Physics of Music

In this talk of the Curiositas series, we will learn how physical laws determine fundamental aspects of music such as musical scales. [more]

Workshop: Powder diffraction methods

In this workshop, experts will provide an in-depth view into the application of X-ray diffraction. Daily lectures on scientific aspects of this powerful method for structure analysis will be complemented by introductions to standard software packages for analysis. [more]
The talk will focus on the applications of internet-of-things (IOT) that will influence lives in the days to come. The presenter will define IOT systems in four key applications areas and explain the challenges for future systems. [more]
Dr. Ekkehard Schwab, a member of the Board of Trustees at MPI CPfS, is the former vice-president and group leader at BASF. His professional experience has given him valuable insight into the energy sector. Following the motto “use numbers, not adjectives”, the talk will put the political discussion about renewable energy and climate change in the context of the dimensions of our current energy system. [more]

Unlocking a sea secret: the Antikythera Mechanism

In this talk, Dr. Markos Skoulatos, research at TU Munich, will tell the fascinating story of the Antikythera Mechanism, the oldest computer of mankind, which without any doubt is the greatest technological achievement of antiquity. [more]

Comprehensive Course on Topological Systems

In the summer semester 2019, we again offer a comprehensive course on topological systems which is specifically targeted at PhD students and other junior researchers. Lectures will be given by several PIs of IMPRS-CPQM working in the field of topological materials. [more]

IMPRS Core Course: Structure Chemistry

The course on structure chemistry covers fundamental aspects of solid-state chemistry and is one of the core courses in our interdisciplinary IMPRS. [more]
This in-depth class over two full days brings you much needed insight into the mechanisms of research funding, as well as hands-on practice with real application formats from a variety of funding organizations and programs (private foundations, DFG, EU). [more]
Have you ever wondered how others may perceive figures in your presentations and publications? In the latest event of our Curiositas series, Prof. Sebastian Pannasch from the Department of Psychology at TU Dresden will introduce us to the relevant psychological concepts and provide examples how to design good displays of data. [more]
In this talk of our Curiositas series, we hopefully will get some insight into the global conditions for trade and mining of rare earth elements which are not only the daily bread of many people in our institute, but also a crucial factor in a large number of technological applications. [more]

Communicating your research across scientific disciplines

The aim of this one-day workshop is to learn how to design and give a talk intended for a broad scientific audience. That type of talk requires special and highly transferable skills - it is just the kind of thing that you will need to do at the beginning of many academic or non-academic job interviews, for example. [more]

Jobs in Industry

This seminar in in our Curiositas series will offer a detailed look into job opportunities in the chemical industry. Dr. Ekkehard Schwab, former vice-president and group leader at BASF, is also a member of the Board of Trustees at MPI CPfS. Benefiting from his immense experience, he will offer insights into the best strategies for finding an exciting job in industry. [more]

Stress management

Everyday life has become complex. The pace of many jobs is increasing, processes get more compact, and modern ways of communication make it more difficult to switch off and impede a clear separation of private life and work. All this can be detrimental to your well-being.This workshop will provide strategies how to identify sources of stress, how to deal with stressful situations and how to avoid those in the first place. [more]

Comprehensive Course on Topological Systems

The course on topological systems is offered by several researchers at MPI CPfS who all are involved in our world-leading research activities in this field. [more]
Professor Hiroshi Yasuoka, visiting professor in Physics of Quantum Materials at MPI CPfS, will be giving a series of five lectures on the "Principle of Nuclear Magnetic and Quadrupole Resonances and their Applications to Magnetic and Superconducting Materials". [more]

Developing your research brand

Developing a unique research profile plays an important role in establishing a successful research career. This workshop will offer participants assistance with the further planning of their scientific careers and the development of their research profiles, taking into account the participants’ individual trajectories. their scientific careers and the development of their research profiles, taking into account the participants’ individual trajectories. [more]
After a series of physics- and financing-related talks, we are happy to present you a chemistry-related talk within our 'Curiositas' seminar series.The talk will be given by Lorenz Frevel, who is currently a PhD student at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max-Planck-Society in Berlin. [more]

PhD Skills Seminar: Scientific Writing

PhD Skills
In this two-day workshop, the participants will learn how to to communicate their research clearly and effectively. [more]

From Physics to Finance & Controlling

We will continue our series of alumni talks with a presentation given by Dr. Christoph Langhammer. After obtaining his PhD in physics at MPI CPfS, Christoph started a career in finance and controlling. In his talk, he will discuss career opportunities in this business sector. [more]

Topological electrons

In a lecture series specifically targeted at PhD students and other junior researchers, Claudia Felser and group leaders from her department for "Solid State Chemistry" at the MPI CPfS will give a comprehensive course on topological systems. [more]

The world from another point of view

With Dr. Ivica Zerec, another former PhD student of MPI CPfS will give a talk in our Curiositas series and tell about his experience with switching from doing a PhD in theoretical physics into industry, in his particular case into business consultancy. [more]
In this installment of the Curiositas seminar series, Dr. David Bende, formerly a PhD student at MPI-CPfS, will talk about his transition into consulting in the financial industry. [more]
When finishing your PhD or a few years of postdoc, it makes sense to decide if you want to stay in academia or if you look for a job in industry or the public sector. Often scientists do not know enough about their options and the way to find proper jobs. In this workshop, you will learn how to find jobs that fit your competencies. [more]
In this talk, Dr. Norman Gerster, the head of the Max Planck Alumni Association Ad Hoc Committee Career Service, will first introduce the Max Planck Alumni Association, in particular its Career Network, and then provide advice on how to find highly attractive jobs in non-academic careers. [more]
This talk of the Curiositas series will take us well outside our own research topics. Prof. Marquardt will speak about how the design of a hospital can affect the behavior and activity of patients, particularly those affected by dementia. [more]

How to bring research ideas into valuable products

The seminar talk of Marco Rösler from Dresden Exists will inform us about basic problems and pitfalls on the journey from idea to product. [more]

PhD Skills Seminar: Reading and Mnemo Techniques

PhD Skills
Students and scientists often have to read and remember enormous amounts of material. Reading can be very time-consuming and the process of comprehending and memorizing the new information can be very complex. Participants in this workshop will learn a set of techniques which will enable them to read faster without missing out on content comprehension and to memorize information more easily. [more]
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